8bitclifford asked:

What he thinks when he sees you for the first time


Luke: "Holy shit pretty girl keep your shit together Hemmings *child squeak* SHE’S SO CUTE FUCK FCKF FUCKFF THIS ISN’T PUNK ROCK HEMMINGS FUCK FUCK SAY SOMETHING YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT *plays say something softly in background*

Calum: *don’t cha by pussycat doll plays* You got this Hood c’mon man focus and jump she’s you prey and the destanation is her bed

Michael: "Duuuuuuuuudeeee that’s so my future wife"

Ashton: "Oh ey there sheila ain’t you a fine young thing ya know I play drums and  I could possibly be related to a crocodile wrangler and if that’s not enough motive for you to date me well just wait till you see my dick"